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What's in your bank?

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

Active Member
Hello. This is my Beta inventory/bank space. April Beta test build is coming to an end, new build test coming. Thought I'd share what I have been collecting since we started. I probably will not have time to do this, like in Alpha, so I wanted to start today before I forget or when server locks/log us out. Don't want to rush it or forget like I did in Alpha lol.

And will finally use all the reagents and start refining all those raw materials into sub crafted goods to make some armor, weapons, and provisioning stuff. Would like to see what other test player have in their inventory & bank. This is not about bank/inventory space (there is a thread/discussion for that).

Just something I am trying to put together, so that one day we can look back on this (when this launches) and see what we use to have back then, and what we have now (in the future, when this game launches).
What's in your bank?
Inventory & Bankspace.jpg
P.S. Please, no negative comments, if you like to share what your inventory/bank looks like, great. Thank you.