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What caption would you put?

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Thought this was somewhat funny at the time while out exploring the poi's (Point of Interest) on the map. Was going to say "Follow me into battle people!" or "For Glory & Honor, follow me into battle and be victorious!"
What would you put/say?
Smugglers Hill 02.jpg

Thought this was interesting at the time. "The wall must be really nice....don't mind me here, just a few more seconds".
Chest Loot 02.jpg
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For the first one, I'd put a speech balloon over one of the group in the back with, "Get him! He stole our Cotton!".
First screenshot
The angry mob:
"Look! It's Geralt of Rivia! Get him!!"

Second screenshot caption
"Stealth, working as intended."