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Weely events in May


Stormhaven Studios

Dear Community!

All Weekly Events for the month of May have been organised. Some extra events may still be organised in addition of those recurring, weekly events. You can find all those events on Discord in the event section, just below the banner and above the channels list.

Weekly Community Show - Tuesday 11AM CDT (6pm CET)
Every Tuesday, during the maintenance, join me on my TwitchTV channel for the Weekly Community Show. We discuss the QA progress, the Patch Notes, community news, different topics, I answer viewers questions and we have special guest (content creators and developers) twice a month
The show is edited and published later on Youtube if you are missing it!

Elloa Group - Tuesday 2pM CDT (9pm CET)

Play with me after the maintenance. I set up groups with my "flexible character" which can be what you need her to be. In May I will be focusing on new players, to show them the ropes of the game and help group forming!
You will find more explanations about this recuring event here in this thread.

Discord Community Meetings - Wednesdays 8PM CDT (Thu 3am CET) & Thursdays 2PM CDT (Thu 9pm CET)
This are our weekly community meetings on Discord. Organised with the purpose of connecting with each others, sharing news, hangout. The devs are often stopping by (although it is not a guarantee), it is the occasion of asking questions, sharting feedback and having a discussion directly with the team.
Reminder: to maintain a good atmosphere during those meeting stay calm, polite and respectful. Wait your turn to speak. Avoid entering in arguments (even if you disagree) and avoid bringing up dramas.

NewHaven Trade Fair - Sunday 2PM CDT (9pm CDT)
Join this social event organised every Sunday. It is the occasion to sell your goods, to find rare items to purchase from other players, but also meet each others, have a friendly talk and engage in dice duels. Some weeks, there is some extra activities, such as Casinos, roleplay and more!

Note: I'm also streaming and organising groups every Tue, Wed, Thu in Embers Adrift, starting at 8am CDT (3pm CET). I answer viewers questions, give explanations about the game, and play with the community.

Hope to see may of you joining and engaging with our events! Have a happy month of May!
- Elloa