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Warlord idea for aura`s



i like the idea of making warlords battle chant and hymn as an aura u pot on so that u dont need to click them every 30 sec.
they could consume / reservate some percent of mana for that.

what do you think ? good or bad idea ? :)

i guess it would be to much to click athoer way with the other 2 skills to come at higher lvl who work same ways with the 30 sec timer.

greetings Tyralon
It’s not a bad idea, but I could see it being an issue where you’re trying to use First Aid and the auto consume happens while casting and interrupts your heal.
They used to be auras that you could toggle on and off with their primary cost being that you could only have one active aura at a time. I think the main reason they were changed into abilities you have to recast every so often is because the game uses limited hotbar slots as the foundation for build making, so the cost for having multiple auras to toggle between ended up with having to surrender other abilities. In order to fix it they would have had to either build a whole new UI element that allows switching auras from a single hotbar slot, or just go with what we have now.