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Upgrading from a GTX 1060 6GB to a GeForce RTX 3060 12GB - has anyone done this


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Thinking about making this upgrade and would appreciate anyone else's experience in doing so, obviously particularly for Embers Adrift.
Without knowing exact models a general comparison shows the 3060 is a significant upgrade overall. How will it do with with the Unity HDRP engine..according to most info I see it handles DLSS which was enabled in this client recently as I remember reading.

if u can atleast get a 3060 TI version nothing under 12G vram . and amd is more bang for the buck

i went from a msi 1060 6G to a 6750xt for 1440p gaming had to get a new monitor too tho lol
I went from 2x 1080 in SLI to a single 3080 12GB, and the uplift was very noticeable across all games. Embers went from being stuttery, to smooth.