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Unlocking the secrets of Nupiter


Important note: The game is in development, and I was just informed that the rotation of our world may be off with the sun rising in the west. If it is 'adjusted' to rise in the east, reading the clock of Nupiter will be reversed!


Gazing upon the horizon, one can see a heavenly body that appears to have the color of Neptune with the patterns of the swirling stormy giant Jupiter. For now, I'll call it planet Nupiter:


At first glance, one may simply admire the beauty of Nupiter as something to decorate the sky without giving further thought. However, there appears to be a great significance to Nupiter and the things it can teach us. I believe Nupiter is a guide through space and time, serving as a reliable means of navigation. Such observations can be made over the span of one day. Perhaps more secrets can be learned from observing Nupiter over the years.


Though the world lacks a compass, possibly even a magnetic field, one need not fear becoming lost in the wilds we find ourselves in so long as there is a clear view of the night sky. For the more adept adventurer, knowledge of reading time and shadows will aid navigation during daylight hours. Observing the beautiful blue glow of Nupiter is much more easily done at night, but what is its significance? According to all landmarks and known map data, Nupiter appears to remain a constant 'north' in the world. Knowing the relative position of this guiding beacon will greatly aid navigation. Perhaps we are adrift on some flat piece of rock or other material or a spherical moon? Observing something so large when being so close to it proves difficult, but at least we have a constant point of reference... or is it? Only time and continued observation will tell. An eclipse would be useful, but current observations indicate such an event will never occur.


Nupiter is a clock! Granted, we currently have access to a /time function in game, but perhaps that will be removed now that we have the proper skybox and the intended system for telling time.

Some conversions and time information:
5 real world seconds = 1 game minute
1 real world minute = 12 game minutes (60 real seconds/5 real seconds per game minute = 12 game minutes per real minute)
5 real world minutes = 1 game hour (300 real seconds/5 real seconds per game minute = 60 game minutes, 1 game hour per 5 real minutes )
2 real world hours = 1 game day (24 game hours x 5 real minutes per hour = 120 real minutes per game day or 24 game hours)
2.5 real days (60 hours) = 30 game days (one month? unconfirmed that months are all exactly 30 days)

Again, I am currently unsure how many game days = a game month, but according to the /time function, the months and years DO change.

Sunrise = 5 AM
Morning = 7 AM
Night = 7 PM
Sunset = 9 PM (or perhaps 10? sometimes things get a little weird and I have a ton of light, zone to another area to find the world correctly became suddenly dark... or the opposite: 'Sudden Nuclear Daytime')

So how do we tell time from Nupiter? That's easy. Nupiter is actually a clock with only an hour hand and here's how to read it:
-Nupiter is always about 50% dark and 50% light
-Nupiter always appears to rotate clockwise
-The 'trailing edge' with respect to the apparent rotation of Nupiter where light meets dark is the time reference point, but even if you use the wrong edge, you will be 12 hours off and can still figure out the time as adjusting for AM or PM will be obvious
-We are rotating 'East over West' relative to the observed light patterns on Nupiter, so our 'sun' rises in the WEST!! This can easily be confirmed by observing early morning or late evening shadows with respect to known landmarks. In fact, the sun rises slightly south of due west and sets slightly north of due east, probably having to do with our position as we follow Nupiter around its orbital path about the sun.
-We are actually the ones rotating on an axis in-line with our 'north' always pointing at Nupiter causing the 'clock' effect while Nupiter appears to have its own axis of rotation as it orbits the sun.

Here is an illustration to help understand how to read time:


Here is a view of the full 'clock':


Examples of the apparent orientation of Nupiter with respect to time (some calibration may be required, I made quick notes observing half a cycle while meditating in the wilds of Redshore):


I wonder what other secrets remain to be discovered.
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Confirmed: I discovered that the world was turning backwards. It must have been the evil cat army siphoning off our energy.


So... expect that the sun will be rising in the East soon enough :p And telling time with the Nupiter clock will need to be adjusted. It should work in reverse of current depiction after update.

Note: Most likely the world is not turning at all, rather the skybox was turning backwards. Relativity is fun like that.