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Feedback UI improvements

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is this feedback?

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As I wrote in another post, immersion in an (MMO)RPG is very important to me - and a well-made (which in this case means: unobtrusive) user interface also contributes to this.

The gold standard in this regard for me is and remains TESO's minimalist UI - but I'm already happy if the UI isn't too distracting.

With Embers Adrift, I still see a lot of potential for improvement in this regard, in detail:

Chat box
Would it be possible to make the frame and user elements of the chat box hoverable, so that they only become visible when you hover over them with the mouse (similar to how it works in WoW)?

Buff bar
There is no reason why the entire buff bar (whole frame of the buff bar) is permanently visible - only the individual buffs should be visible all the time.

Ability & consumable bars
The same goes for the ability and consumable bars - there should be an option to permanently hide unused elements (empty ability / consumable slots).
Hi @Karma thanks for the feedback. This sort of UI polish is certainly something we strive for but it is very slow moving due to our limited development team working on a million things at once. I'll get these added to the queue.
Of course - that's completely understandable.

On top of you being a small team dealing with other - more pressing - matters I suspect that the majority of people play the game on huge-a** displays and probably barely notice the UI - unlike me who plays the game on a tiny MacBook Air screen.

Still, it would be nice to one day have a UI that matches the beauty of the world of Embers Adrift, fingers crossed.