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Tutorial: How to (not) kill the torturer


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This is a sad but true story from last night ;-)

1. Make sure to keep the levels on the lower end, to increase the tension.
2. At least 2 people need to take tequila shots. Could work with 3 but I recommend 2.
3. Run straight into the camp and wipe a few times, to get warned up.
4. Don't use lull for pulling (ruins immersion)
5. At least one player needs to die out on the rocks in the side of the Overseer plateu. This is to lure away the mobs.
6. Full group is not required, being only 5 is sufficient.
7. Important! Always have two pullers to maximize nr of mobs.
8. Make sure to pull as many mobs as possible (preferably all mobs on the plateu) and train them back and forth between the Gates and the torturer area. At some point (preferably when all are low on stamina and at least 2 are dead), the Torturer could be singled out and the fun begins.
9. During the fight, each team member needs to die at lease one (twice is better).
10. Make sure only one or two team members are alive at the end.
11. Congratulations for making a textbook kill!

It was a real struggle but we had a great laugh at the end :)