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Feedback [Suggestion] Trading board

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is this feedback?

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I didn't know where else to post this - it's not feedback per se, but still feedback in relation to the current trading situation.

And yes, I'm fully aware that
- the mail system has to be introduced first,
- this is more of a long-term endeavour,
- it is not at all certain that a trading system will ever be introduced.

What is the current state of trade?

Firstly, the positives:
- The current trade is 100% player-driven and encourages communication, which can sometimes lead to nice encounters or even new friendships.
- The difficulties of trading have led to an almost communist *hands disinfectant to U.S. forum users* type of trade, where players are willing to offer many items and services for free.

And the negatives:
- To trade, you have to be in the capital, ideally during prime time, and you have to be patient and spam the trade channel.
- Trading can be very slow, frustratingly so. More often than not you spend a considerable amount of time in the city - only to leave it without having achieved any results.

The mail system, which will hopefully be introduced with the next update, will provide some relief here, but will not solve the problem entirely.

This is my take at a (future) trading system:

There would be a trading board that looks and works similar to a bulletin board, but unlike the bulletin boards, there would only be one - in Newhaven City.
Players would therefore still have to travel to the capital to use it.

The trading board would act as a hybrid with two different functions:

Firstly, the option to offer items for sale at a fixed price.
For example, I offer a recipe and set a certain price for it.

This way players who have little or no time for trading or cannot be online during prime time would have an opportunity to offer their goods - even when they aren't online.

Additionally, a "wanted" option that allows players to indicate that they are looking for specific items.
For example, I am looking for Makeshift Salve - let's say 100 of them - and offer a certain price for it.
Another player has this quantity (or a partial quantity - you could make it so that partial quantities are also accepted until the total threshold is reached).
Alternatively, another player is willing to kill mobs to farm Makeshift Salve.

This way, the trading board would not only fulfill the task of a trading platform in a classical sense, but would also create additional solo content, comparable to the bulletin boards - except that the content is player-made.

I can't say exactly what the interface could look like - possibly a mixture of the LFG tool to create offers and the bulletin board interface to use it.

To prevent abuse (a player creates hundreds of offers with a single Makeshift Salve each - as often seen in WoW) and to keep offers realistic in price, they should be limited in number.
Players should only be able to have, say, 5 active sale offers and 1 active wanted offer at a time (I mean - the whole thing is still supposed to be a board, right?).
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I don't see why you couldn't have a traditional broker with a significant tax to make inter-personal trading preferable (when development time allows for it). People in odd time zones can then get what they need, and people in prime-time can still trade between people in New Haven.

The tax is important too because for any MMO, you need mechanisms to flush generated gold out of the economy i.e. either taxes or merchant fees to reduce inflation.
Oh, I didn't say there wouldn't / shouldn't be fees for using the trading board - there could well be.

And of course there could also be a traditional broker instead of a trading board.

I just thought the "wanted" part would be better suited for a trading board.

Although, from an RP perspective, it makes little sense to trade with a board - but then again, it makes little sense to turn in kill quests at a bulletin board either...
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