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Striker Skill: Sharpen Edge


Active Member
I like the skill that it's a buff that works for x amount of time and x amount of uses.
I feel like the duration you have it is great.
One of the issues I have is that it can only be done while standing AND out of combat mode. Why not allow it from the sitting position?
Another issue I have is that it takes 5s to cast/do/use this buff. Can we make it less? It just feels bad.
Another issue I have is that while doing this action, you gain 0 STA back. This causes a lot of issues with the group because while others are sitting to regen STA, not only do I have to stand there for 5s getting STA, but I'm the DPS so meant to be one of the main pullers for the group and I can't because I have to stand still for 5s and I have way way less STA than others.

Can we change it to being able to used while sitting also, 1s cast timer, and get STA while using it?

I don't feel like any of these break the use of the buff, or even make it more powerful, just removes the annoying factor to it.