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Striker or Warden?


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Can anyone give me some info on both classes?

I've traditionally played rangers and like a mix of melee & ranged.
Striker is one of the base classes, the other two are defender and support. Warden is one of the 3 specialisations for a striker, the other two are brigand and berserker. So you start as a striker and at level six you can choose one of those 3 specialisations.
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Can anyone give me some info on both classes?

I've traditionally played rangers and like a mix of melee & ranged.
As others have said, of the three “base” classes, Striker is the DPS class. Once you reach level 6 you’ll pick from one of three specializations: Berzerker, Brigand, and Warden.

Berserker - Purist DPS specialization. If you need it dead, none do it quicker (though they’re all quick). Talking to the Berserker spec trainer in Newhaven City is a riot, you’re a hurricane of unbridled fury, teeth, and blades.

Brigand - The somewhat atypical rogue class, but with a little twist…they’ve got great in-combat CC. With the ability to stun/sleep multiple mobs in the heat of combat, they’re not just great damage contribution, they can make the fight roll more smoothly. From a role-play perspective…hide your coin purse.

Warden - These “forest protectors” and nature lovers get great DPS, a small heal, and can make for clean mob pulls with their lull ability. Aside from that, they get an AoE speed buff. I believe this is one of the classes played (and most-loved) by one of the Devs. It’s probably the most popular class in the game, but I see a LOT of Zerkers these day, too.

As an aside, they can all be “Rangers” and use bows, but from and RP perspective I feel like Warden fits the bill closest. I do recommend maybe checking out the roles and specializations section of the forums to look at these Striker subclasses and their abilities. They may have changed a bit since they were posted but the impression they leave should be accurate enough to make a choice. Good luck and have fun!