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Stream event this Friday 25th of February


Stormhaven Studios
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Hey everyone!

This weekend is our very last weekend of Alpha testing! This is a huge milestone in our development, one that we would have never reached without the dedication, the loyalty, and the patience of our wonderful Alpha Test community.

The first of March officially starts the Beta of Embers Adrift. We are also dropping our NDA, meaning that any streamers, youtubers and community members can now share with the world their experience, post screenshots, livestream and record videos.

We are celebrating this with a special event! Friday the 25th of February, Elloa & Drindin are joining 3 fantastic streamers to reveal for the very first time The Meadowlands, a vast zone for lvl 12-20

Arianna: A lovely Dutch streamer living in Sweden and who is a Twitch partner. Previously a dedicated World of Warcraft streamer and an amazing tank, Arianna is now focusing on RPGs and fun times with her community. You will love her energy, her humor and the welcoming, warmhearted community she has built over the years.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arianna_Twitch

Alice Bluu: Did you know that our very own Alice was also a streamer? One of our most dedicated tester, Alice, has been waiting to share her knowledge and passion for Embers Adrift with her viewers! Be sure to follow her for plenty of Embers Adrift action once the NDA drops! She is also streaming a variety of games, with a focus on RPG. A very chill and pleasant channel to hangout on!

Twitch: Alice_Bluu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alice_bluu

Sithknight: As his name suggests Sithknight is a huge fan of Star Wars, but also Action RPGs and MMORPGs. His love started back in the day with Everquest! His stream focuses on a mix of Star Wars the Old Republic, Lost Ark and The Elder Scrolls Online. Very chill and welcoming, Sithknight will certainly provide a good time on his channel!

Twitch: Sithknight19
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sithknight19

Speak to your friends, gather your communities and come check out Embers Adrift this Friday on those Twitch Channels!

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