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STREAM EVENT - Shrieks in the Deep


Stormhaven Studios
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Hey community!

We are doing it again! We have gathered a team of devs and content creators to explore the new content of our Patch Shrieks in the Deep. Let's discover Grimstone Canyon and Forgotten Depth PH2! Each streamer will have a giveaway to offer through the event (a copy of the game OR a month of sub), so be sure to pop in every channels and take your chance!

SATURDAY 29th of APRIL at 2PM CDT (8pm CET)

Check out:

Nathan Napalm on Youtube
Sparoh on Youtube (video later)
Leveluplarry on Twitch
Alice Bluu on Twitch
MorrolanTV on Twitch
Elloa on Twitch

The event will last 2 hours! Be sure to join this multiple stream show and to invite all your friends to discover our new content!
Many thanks!