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Stream event: Flooded Ruins


Stormhaven Studios
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Hey community!

FRIDAY 2nd of JUNE at noon CDT (7pm CET) - OPEN WEEKEND starts
We are starting off the STREAMER MARATHON with a Welcoming Party on my stream that you are welcome to join in game. I will then be joined by @Drindin (Excecutive Producer) @Morrolan (Lead Narrative Designer) @Charlizd (World Builder)

FRIDAY 2nd of JUNE at 2PM CDT (8pm CET)
We are doing it again! We have gathered a team of devs and content creators to explore the new content of our Patch Flooded Ruins. Let's discover the new Ember Vein, you will be able to explore at level 26+ Each streamer will have a giveaway to offer through the event (a copy of the game OR a month of sub), so be sure to pop in every channels and take your chance!

Check out:
Nathan Napalm on Youtube
Sparoh on Youtube (video later)
Alice Bluu on Twitch
MorrolanTV (lead narrative designer) on Twitch
Elloa (community manager) on Twitch
Drindin (excecutive producer)

This stream event will last 4 hours in all! Be sure to join this multiple stream show and to invite all your friends to discover our new content!
Many thanks!
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