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Steam Deck Installation and Controls


Stormhaven Studios
Note: The steps are easier with mouse and keyboard attached, but are possible to do without. SteamButton + X brings up the keyboard and the touchpads act as your mouse in Desktop mode with left and right triggers being right and left click respectively.

1. Switch to Desktop mode
2. Open Firefox Browser
3. Go to embersadrift.com and log in to your account and go to your account page.
4. Click the link under Windows Download that says "Having Installer Trouble?"
5. A modal will appear with a link to the .zip download, click "Download Full Client"
6. Firefox may warn of the file being unsafe, click to confirm and download.
7. Create a new folder in Home named "Embers" and move the downloaded zip file into that folder.
8. Right click the zip file in the Embers folder and select "Extract to here"
9. Open Steam while still in Desktop Mode
10. In the Steam Window select Games -> Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library
11. Click Browse and select the Embers Adrift Launcher.exe from in /Home/deck/Embers and click Open
12. Once listed and selected in the Add a Game menu click "ADD SELECTED PROGRAM"
13. Find Embers Adrift Launcher in your Library, right click and select Properties
14. Navigate to Compatibility and select to use Proton Experimental.
15. If you intend to play the game using the controller Return to Gaming Mode, otherwise stay in Desktop mode
16. Launch the Embers Adrift Launcher from the Non-Steam App List and Update the game from the Launcher.
17. At the login screen I recommend lowering the graphics settings to their lowest values.
18. Remember to check "Save Username" text entry on the Steam Deck can be a pain unless using a keyboard.

You can use Mouse/Keyboard as you normally would on PC, or you can use the controller support.

You can change and edit your controller settings by pressing the Steam button with the Launcher or game running, selecting "Controller settings", and Controller Settings again and changing or Editing the Layout from these menus. The Steam Deck has a ton of configuration options for most in-game actions, the only challenging thing to manage is typing in chat (again Steam Button + X will bring up keyboard).

No major issues found, just working through controller mappings and usability to find a setup that works best.
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Thanks for posting this! I'm going to give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes.
I know a few people including myself who really want controller support. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Well, it took a little while to play around with the settings but I finally have things running fairly smoothly. Thanks for the assistance @AdricLives!

I plan to use a mouse and keyboard (not sure I'm interested in attempting to play an MMO like this one using the controller) so it took me a few minutes to realize I should ignore your step telling me to return to Gaming Mode and that I need to remain in Desktop Mode if I want to use the mouse and keyboard as my primary controller. Other than that, your instructions were applicable and easy to follow.

As you advised, I put all graphics settings to the minimums and incrementally increased some of the settings until I struck the right balance. I now have things running at an acceptable framerate and looking not too shabby if I do say so myself. Thanks, again!
I updated the steps to only recommend returning to Gaming Mode if you are using controller otherwise staying in Desktop mode, glad it's working for you!

@Meeks This is with running on the experimental proton compatibility?
nm, I deleted and redownloaded an tried again with success on my linux PC, but still not working on Steam deck with the same instructions.
nm, I deleted and redownloaded an tried again with success on my linux PC, but still not working on Steam deck with the same instructions.

It does still work on Proton Experimental. I saw they had a recent update but still works. I tried to let Steam decide the compatiblity for it and it won't even launch the patcher, so make sure you're setting the compatibility.
Just ordered my steam deck (they're on sale right now) and I was curious if there's been any update on this controller layout or where to find it? I'm fairly new to steam too, but I thought it would be cool to try to play EA while on my couch with the deck!

Also, is it best to run EA via Steam OS or through windows natively on the deck?
Well the controller layout on it I had to set myself its not hard to do.. The game itself runs alright on steam os just remember to force compatibility with it. Set it up in desktop mode than go to gaming mode to do the controls. Doesnt have much to set shouldnt take to long.
I am curious how the game runs on Steam Deck? On say Performance settings one up from potato - what kind of fps are you all getting?