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Steam Access


Is there a plan for this to ever be available on Steam so others can purchase it easily or is it just kept isolated for a reason?
They've mentioned about some hurdles they would have to do to get it to steam. But I feel like with such low player retention it would hurt the game more than benefit. Negative feedback reviews would really put a dent into new players joining.
Why split purchase money with a third party if you don't need to. It's easily purchased from here anyway so you don't need Steam, Epic, whatever.
Well the player count would save the game and make the experience better for all. There’s definitely development requirements on why they’re not going to steam. They would be guaranteed more money regardless just from visibility. This whole argument is fake news and one I really despise as someone who wants to see them succeed.
Yeah, I was just thinking that they would get more exposure if it was on Steam, which should increase their overall userbase, but I'm sure they have their reasons for not doing it.

I mean I see some really basic crappy games on Steam so I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to put it online there. Embers seems like a decent game, but just needs more exposure.
While I agree with the reasons given (third party taking a cut and the general shark tank attitude especially of steam reviews) the devs need to enhance the visibility of the game.

Given the state of modern mmos (ie vaporware or asia grinder) people WANT new mmos of every playstyle. I had my eye set on Embers for a while but the entry fee of purchase and subscription was above my "experimental treshhold" for purchase.
So please understand I am basically 24/7 looking for new mmos and already had my eye passively set on Embers.

I did not know the mandatory sub was dropped (what 6 months ago?)
I did not know there was an almost 3 weeks free to play testing period recently to celebrate the first anniversary of the game.
You have to really hunt down news about the game and its status or actively follow the homepage. In addition the game is not flashy by design (alot of the tactical stuff is below the radar since there are no flashy combat pop up texts, animations or explosions - alot of the example clips are 6 people standing around a named boss whittling away on it which is simply boring to watch) so the game looks static and very humdrum to the average youtube/twitch creator and even viewer.
Showing of the dungeons is a good start imo as they are really intricate and pretty cool (at least one streamer is doing so on twitch).

In the end the game is only growing by word of mouth (if at all) which is a very painful process indeed . Good news is that in the latest community corner this was aknowledged so the devs are aware and working on it.