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State of the Game

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Welcome to the State of the Game Newsletter for the upcoming MMORPG Embers Adrift

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Alpha backers can join us for testing on Wednesday nights 8pm Central.

A lot has changed over the last year for Stormhaven Studios. As may of you know we’ve rebranded our upcoming MMORPG to Embers Adrift. This name is related to the lore of our game and its “magic system” called Alchemy. Alchemy, in Embers Adrift, is the process of taking an ore called ember that contains a naturally occurring form of energy and then manipulating it to do certain things. The name Embers Adrift is also open to interpretation for each player. For myself, Embers Adrift, is a call to adventure into the dark unknown - who knows what dangerous adventures might spark up in the next zone or dungeon. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us in this grand adventure to forge new friendships, lasting memories, and perhaps find a new MMORPG to call home.

Here are a few highlights of some of the new things we’ve accomplished over the last year since our last major test:

Dungeon crawling is a great way to spend time in an RPG whether it’s in a video game setting or a tabletop one. We wanted to offer an experience like the ones we’ve had of old rolling dice or playing some of our favorite MMOs in our younger days. Thus, we’ve developed an expansive dungeon system that will allow our players the ability to spend hours crawling in the depths of our new world.
Speaking of worlds, we have a new one. Due to the dangers beyond the wall to the north this one is not yet completely discovered. It is filled with the mysteries of a destroyed civilization and questionable “Others” who send shivers down our spines, but seem somehow human at the same time… Are they friend or foe? Come help the Ranger’s Guild expand the borders of the map and uncover the mysteries of the north with the other adventurers who’ve come to Newhaven.

We have several new custom creatures who’ve been… changed, almost evolved, by something in their environment. We'll be showing more of these new creatures who will likely try to bite off your head once you're in game.
We’ve developed new character models which match the world in their beauty and variety. Our models allow for tons of different shapes and sizes for player characters! Sorry no pic for this one. Only available to alpha testers during test sessions.

We’ve implemented the foundations of our social system which will encompass grouping, friends, guilds, and more. It is already making it easier for groups and those looking for a group to find who they need.

Tabletop and video game RPGs alike have generally 4 roles that are filled. Tanks, Attackers, Supporters, and Controllers. We’ve redesigned our mastery system to help players fill a general role, which is much more easily recognizable to other players, that can then be broken down further into unique specializations requiring choices and quests to fill out a unique ability set for your character.

Our crafting system has also been revamped to allow for the materials you use in a given recipe to have an effect on the ultimate stats of the items you produce - we think its a fairly robust system. Similar to our Adventuring roles, players choose a crafting role which then breaks out further into more specializations.

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We've partnered with a creative marketing agency to create an awesome game trailer - stay tuned for an announcement coming soon™

If you’ve pre-ordered from Stormhaven Studios to have access to alpha tests we'd love to see you in our test sessions. Your account has been carried over, login and check your "My Account" over on the home page to download the client, then, join us for testing on Wednesday nights 8pm Central.
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