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State of the Game: The Forgotten Depths Update


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios

Major Update: The Forgotten Depths

“We were hunting for supplies down near the beach when we heard the distinct screams of some tortured soul coming from a mysterious cave nearby. We investigated as the sun went down and in the fresh darkness strange folk with glowing eyes emerged from within. We came to make a report right away, Sir!”

-Official Report to Sargent Twill, Redshore Outpost

Before we dive into the mysterious happenings in Redshore Forest we want to say thank you to all our players for supporting our indie studio. Your feedback has been great and we truly appreciate the dialogue we have with our players. We have been hard at work with your help. We can truly say that this dialogue has produced good fruits in Embers Adrift.

With that feedback and the careful implementation to improve without compromising the core of our game’s experience we are excited to announce that we will soon host another free weekend in the near future so stay tuned for more news on that.

Your support means very much to us as a small company. We have a simple purchase + subscription model; no other monetization in the whole game. We recently changed our pricing:

Game + 1 month gametime: $29.99 (tax not included)
Subscription: $9.99/month (tax not included)

No cash shops. No microtransactions.​

You can support us by buying the game HERE for yourself or for a friend and subscribing as time goes on or even purchase a month of game time for your friends as well.

We are a small, but mighty team and we hope to continue to impress you all with what we’ve got planned for the rest of 2023 in Embers Adrift. So without further adieu let’s review our last patch, the Threat of Grimstone and talk about our new patch The Forgotten Depths.
The Threat of Grimstone:

In case you missed the patch notes; Grimstone Canyon is a level 30+ zone located to the north east of Dryfoot. This zone is currently segmented into three "phases" with this first release being Phase I only. The second phase will be the higher altitude portion of the canyon. The third phase will likely be a new zone released farther down the line.

The beautiful red-walled canyons north of Dryfoot are marred only by the Grimstone Marauders dwelling within - earning them the name "Grimstone Canyons." These marauders are even worse than their Drybone counterparts - if that was possible. They are ruthless beyond measure and will do anything to get more "slagrock," their term for ember ore. They seem to be colluding with a new type of ‘Other’ you’ve never seen before.

The views you'll find in Grimstone Canyon are quite stunning, but don't let them distract you from your surroundings. If you don't pay attention you're prone to be ambushed by any manner of vicious creatures from the fearsome Redmanes to the deadly scorpions that call these canyons home.

Major Features of this Update:
  • Grimstone Canyon; Large overland region starting at level 30
  • 8 New long-form quests for a variety of level ranges
  • Social Window UI improvements and list filtering
  • New abilities added for all specializations
  • Storage Increases to both the shared bank and personal stash
  • Merchant Buyback
  • New monsters added: Slagjacks, Stonecoats, burdened ‘Others’, and more…
  • Performance improvements
  • Dueling!
  • and more…
Check out the trailer here: Threat of Grimstone Trailer
The New Update - The Forgotten Depths:

Another new major piece of content is being added: this update features a new dungeon, the “Forgotten Depths.” It is being released in 3 phases, the first of which is for levels 28+. Come fight on the beaches of Redshore while you gather your party for an adventure into these forsaken halls.

Deep within the halls of the Forgotten Depths, Ember is bent toward a dark purpose. A long forgotten sect of disgraced philosophers from the earliest days of the Academy in Newhaven have found sanctuary in these ancient caverns. Banished from Newhaven for horrific experimentation upon their fellow citizens, this Cabal of alchemists sought a new home to push the boundaries of what Ember can do. They found a secluded home in the Forgotten Depths where they can experiment with Ember without restraint - no matter the cost to human life or their own sanity. Their zealous cultists and mind-dead nocturnes do their bidding as they grow in power. Will their use of Ember ultimately be their undoing?

Rumors have begun to spread amongst the Redshore Exiles and Redshore Newhaveners alike of a threat emerging from underground. Charcoal-skinned Nocturnes stalk the night, stealing captives away for their dark masters. Those who wander too near the cave disappear, never to be seen again. Shrieks of torment can be heard echoing from the foreboding caves. Brave drifters are needed to put an end to this evil. Gather your courage and your companions, and delve into Forgotten Depths… if you dare.

Major Features of this Update:
  • The Group Elevated Level system (Come GEL with your friends)
  • 5 New Quests
  • Combat Auras no longer need to be reapplied every time you re-enter combat
  • More experience gain from light blue and green mobs for you soloers out there
  • No more butt-sliding
  • Expanded backpack and gathering bag slots
  • Orange mobs have returned with the introduction of the GEL system
  • Normalized rare spawn rates and drops. This resulted in an increased spawn rate for most named NPCs
  • Increased the spawn rate at pullable camps
  • New characters start with 5 more armor weight
  • First-Person camera view
  • and much more!
For more detailed information on the GEL system and other patch notes head over to our forums. Check out Elloa’s Forgotten Depth’s trailer on our YouTube channel.
We are very excited for this update as it unfolds another layer in the story of Ember for those willing to delve into the depths. We look forward to continuing our development pace in improving the player experience and adding all-new content including quests, loot, monsters, and zones for players to enjoy.
As we iterate from patch to patch, adjusting current content and adding new content we are asking our community to keep the feedback coming and please be patient with us as we make adjustments. Thank you all!

Stay tuned into our YouTube channel, our TWITTER, and our DISCORD server for info about our new content and latest news.