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State of the Game: September


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios
We have a lot of updates for you even though it’s only been a month since our last newsletter. The Stormhaven team has been hard at work on making Embers Adrift an immersive, memorable, and fun MMORPG PvE experience for all.

Here are a few highlights of some of the new things we’ve accomplished over the last month:

In our last newsletter we introduced Adric, our new game designer. It has been amazing to see the content and balance passes take shape in our game as he moves from zone to zone fine-tuning spawns, mobs, and loot. South Newhaven and North Newhaven have a much better progression and feel to them and we are looking forward to him getting his hands on our other zones and dungeons. We are excited to get some feedback on the feel of the early gameplay from old and new alpha testers as we open the store for our Final Alpha Stage. Join us on discord and our forums to help us test the gameplay of Embers Adrift once the Alpha Store opens up soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for the announcement of the date the store will open in October.

We’ve made many quality of life improvements to the game in September that will help players navigate the game more easily. Indicators to help you see which offensive and defensive targets you currently have selected are now much easier to identify in the world space by looking at nameplates. We’ve also added challenge ratings to the nameplates in the form of chevrons and their colors. More chevrons = a higher tier mob needing a bigger group and color = how high above or below your level the mob is. Don’t even think about attacking a red mob - if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you! We’ve also work more on the social system with communication improvements, adding friends list capabilities, and adding chat bubbles to the world space which makes in-game chat actually kinda fun, especially when sitting down around an Ember Ring with your group. Take a look at the screenshots for examples of some of the above.

Ember Adrift Challenge Ratings (2).png

The visuals continue to improve as we fine-tune them after moving to the HDRP. They are getting better and more beautiful with each passing build.

As I mentioned before, our equipment system for players is pretty unique in the MMO space, we’re excited to get more feedback from old and new players alike on our “armor budget” system so come join us when the store opens later this month. New armor has been added yet again this month and it looks pretty awesome. You can see screenshots of some of the new armor below.
The new user tutorial is being worked on and will be skippable aside from the initial welcome and we are trying to make it as inobtrusive as we can so jump in with us later this month to give us your pointers on how we can better accomplish that.

Quests and bigger Dungeons are just over the horizon. I’m excited to see these get back into the game for more testing as well as the crafting system which has had ongoing improvements and depth added to it.

A huge thank you to all our tester on behalf of the team here at Stormhaven Studios and we're excited to invite more of you in to join our ranks soon!

John "Drindin" Gust
Executive Producer

Archer and Emberdrift.png