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State of the Game: October


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Stormhaven Studios

State of the Game: October

Our pre-order store is now open to welcome in new testers; if you or your friends and family have been waiting to join Embers Adrift now is the time. Visit our website to purchase and join the fun! You’ll also gain access to our secret alpha forums and alpha discord where we discuss all kinds of things the NDA doesn’t allow the public to see.

It was a pretty exciting October. We welcomed in new testers with the opening of our pre-order store and had a successful weekend of testing and some great feedback throughout the rest of the month with our Wednesday night tests! Thank you to all our new and old testers alike. We’ve had comments that testers are excited to be able to dialogue with the dev team and see feedback be implemented into the game; we’re very proud of that! Due to some solid feedback we’ve reassessed our combat roles and made some changes that we think will make the game even more fun. So, if you’d like to support an indie studio that is building an MMORPG out of passion, and that seriously considers your feedback we’d be happy to have you. The game is still in testing, however, and if you’re expecting a fully fleshed out experience now is not the time for you to give us money. If you decide to take the plunge you can visit our store at https://embersadrift.com/#/Store. Now, on to the updates.

We’ve made a number of fixes and improvements to the game throughout October. A slew of quality of life features for our UI and inventory have been added or adjusted. Some of these adjustments help players recognize when a cooldown finishes, and some denote which equipment slots affect armor budget; some of the UI improvements make it easier to keep track of your group mates and your lost belongings, especially since our game won’t have a minimap. There are many more changes as well, but I thought it prudent not to copy and paste all our patch notes so you’ll have to join us in our alpha forums if you’d like to see all the details. Overall, the UI is coming together very nicely and it’s doing a great job of informing our players while at the same time remaining unobtrusive.

As for other changes to the project there has been improvements made for performance and tweaks and additions to gameplay. A new dungeon has been added to our starting zone, South Newhaven, which we’re excited to test with alpha backers tonight - enter the Southern Veins if you dare. Our enemies have been given more diversity in kind and in combat which has been really fun. Dual-wielding and off-hand blocking are in. Our regeneration rates have been revamped to help with downtime and even healing abilities were given a boost. Food items that give players beneficial effects have been added. NPC dialogue is in so if you have questions, try asking a guard. More equipment continues to be added to the loot table. And, much has been done on crafting and full quests and we’re excited to have those coming down the pipeline soon.

We’ll be holding our next weekend-long test the weekend after the US Thanksgiving holiday, Nov. 26th-28th. More precise details to come on when the servers will open and what we’ll be focusing our testing on. Stay tuned!

Join us in our discord server to share your feedback and to interact with the dev team & Community. Enjoy these screenshots below!

One of two dungeon entrances in South Newhaven - can you find them both?
Dungeon Entrance.png

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