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State of the Game: November


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios

What happened in November, 2022

Welcome to Newhaven, drifter!
November was our first full month after the launch of Embers Adrift. Thank you to all our players for supporting our indie studio. It means very much to us as a small company made up of a few people with a dream to fit a missing piece of the puzzle into the MMORPG market. You can support us by buying the game HERE for yourself or for a friend and subscribing as time goes on.

We are a small, but mighty team, and we hope to continue to impress you all with some of the surprises we have in store for our players as the game matures. Thank you for supporting our indie team, as you continue to support our studio we’ll be able to keep adding great content into Embers Adrift. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive our retention rate is many multiples above what we expected. For those who’ve continued their subscriptions we are very grateful.

We do plan on hosting a free weekend event in the future for those who are on the fence about trying out Embers Adrift so keep an eye on us and on the content we are implementing as we move into 2023 and beyond.
This Sunday our dev, Elloa, will be hosting an event in Newhaven Valley: March of the Mandrakes. Log on and check out what she has in store.

We plan to have some more events popping up near the end of December and into January so stay tuned.

Elloa will be setting up another streamer event soon so if you’re interested in participating please reach out to her on discord.

We plan to continue to host unique GM events throughout the life of the game so stick with us to participate in these rare events.
Game content:
Do you remember wandering high level mobs coming out of nowhere to p0wn your noob character back in the day? Well I have good news. Everyone wanted these guys and we listened. Above are a small collection of the giant wandering mobs we added last month that can be found throughout Embers Adrift. Don’t worry, if you’re in our noob valley they won’t pummel you unless you ask them to.

We had a lot of fun implementing the two static dungeons in the Meadowlands region: Kurst and the Undercroft. The Undercroft is a vertical dungeon that sports multiple levels each getting harder as you descend. There is a top level that can be solo’d while you’re LFG for the deeper, darker, dangerous…er parts of the dungeon.

We added several new Emberdrift dungeons. These are shorter, but more challenging dungeons with their own rare monsters and loot. If you’ve only got an hour or so to play, try one of these, but beware, they aren’t for the faint of heart.

We added Redshore Ridge, an outdoor dungeon that holds some new dangers for the unwary adventurer. What will you find in the mists?

We added more quality of life features like “item linking” and “/rope” and have more in the hopper. We had more balance passes go through as well. In order to maintain our goals of challenge, immersion, and community, we’ve made some adjustments and will continue to fine tune things as time goes by.

We’ve finished up several new creatures that await implementation as well as added a slew of new ashen variants to the game. Keep an eye out for those Ember Ruptures.
As we iterate from patch to patch, adjusting current content and adding new content, we are asking our community to keep the feedback coming and to please be patient with us as we make adjustments from week to week.
If you want to know more about our game check out our YouTube content which will showcase lore and story elements, and even more in the future. Stay tuned into our YouTube channel for the weekly community show hosted by Elloa to stay up to date with all the latest news. You can also take a look at our patch notes on the Embers Adrift forums.
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