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State of the Game: January


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State of the Game: January

Welcome to the Embers Adrift newsletter. Our servers are now open every weekend for our pre-order players. We recently announced our Closed Beta Stage starting March 1st, 2022. To celebrate, our alpha pre-order package will be available for one additional month; it will be available until the end of February. Once we move to beta our alpha package will disappear leaving only the Beta Pre-Order package. See this post for details on upcoming server times and package details. If you think you’d like to support our indie dev team please visit our website to pre-order and join the fun! Embers Adrift can now be purchased as a gift. If you have friends and/or family who’ve been wanting to join us you can now purchase a key and give it to them so they can hop into the game with you.

We kicked off January with a number of new videos on our YouTube channel including our trailer which has garnished over 100k views. We’ve had an overwhelming response to our video content. Thank you to everyone who liked, subscribed, and commented. Please follow our YouTube channel for official information and updates as we move forward into the closed beta stage.

Last month we introduced a slew of new content including: rare chest spawns, maps & discoveries (not a mini map), monsters, zones, equipment, UI improvements, and much more; let’s dive in.

The Meadowlands region is sporting new POIs and monsters, including a number of rare spawns that drop rare equipment. The testers had fun exploring our largest zone to date trying to fill out their maps without being knocked out by the aforementioned creatures.

A large update to the crafting UI drops this week which promises to streamline the process of creating new items. Crafting is an important pillar of gameplay in Embers Adrift and this update brings us one step closer to where we want to be. Next month’s newsletter will speak to how it’s received by the testers.

We have further solidified our work on roles, specializations, and abilities. There was more work on hit point and difficulty balancing. The reagent system utilized by some abilities that we saw at the end of December is now accompanied by a reagent pouch to help with inventory management and space - we’ve also added more inventory space to bags and banks. Now players can crawl those dungeons for even longer and find those rare chest hidden around the world.

We’ve done more work on the dialogue and quest system and should see some more implementation of that kind of content in the coming weeks. I’m very excited for people to get a taste of what our quests have to offer, but you won’t see them all before launch; we don’t want to spoil the adventure before we even start now do we?

We want to thank everyone for their support and interest. Your patience is appreciated as our small indie team works to bring more content and polish into Embers Adrift. Please remember that we are still in the testing phase and keep an eye out for those official videos on our YouTube channel. If you would like to support us and our launch we would greatly appreciate it; visit our store to pre-order or purchase for a friend today! Remember, February is your last chance to get the Alpha Pre-Order package. Thanks for following our development; we really appreciate your support and interest!

Join our discord server to share your feedback & ideas, and to interact with the dev team & community, and then head over to our forums to dive deep into the news, lore, and discussions about Embers Adrift. If you don’t have a previous account, please sign up!

If you’ve pre-ordered a Stormhaven Studios product before that means you already have access to Embers Adrift and we’d love to see you in game and in our discord on Wednesday nights at 8pm Central and any other time our servers are open. Your account has been carried over to our new website where you can download the client from the account page after logging in.


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