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State of the Game: February


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State of the Game: February

Welcome to the Embers Adrift newsletter and welcome to the Beta phase! Our servers are now open every weekend starting at noon CT/6pm UTC for our pre-order players. If you think you’d like to support our indie dev team please visit our website to pre-order and join the fun! Embers Adrift can now be purchased as a gift. If you have friends and/or family who’ve been wanting to join us you can now purchase a key and give it to them so they can hop into the game with you. We are excited to shift our focus from systems to content implementation, but first, let’s recap February - the last month of our Alpha Phase.

February was an exciting month as we prepared for beta. We hosted our first handful of live streams so check out Arianna, Sithknight19, and AliceBluu on twitch and follow Embers Adrift for others streams on the weekends too. We have a special stream happening tomorrow starting at 4pm CST/ 10pm UTC. Drindin will be in the stream to answer questions about Embers Adrift. Come and join us.

At the end of the month we did another video with Vulkan where we showed off a bit of the Meadowlands and introduced beta. The Meadowlands have had even more features added to it including a larger overland dungeon filled with creepy crawlies which you can see in the video. What it doesn’t show is the horrifying horde chasing us after our “Tactical Retreat.” We also prepped a new zone to launch along with beta - I’ll keep you posted on feedback and progress with this new zone in the March update.

The new crafting UI was well received by our testers. It now features a list of possible recipes, a preview of a resulting items, a drop down window to select which materials from your inventory you can use with each recipe, and a level slider for crafters to adjust item levels. Our crafting system utilizes all materials no matter what level they are - you use the level slider to adjust the resulting item level. This means copper is just as valuable at level 30 as it is at level 1. As you progress as a crafter you unlock the ability to use more materials from around the world which will provide you with a greater variety of outputs. Materials used in crafting contribute in different ways to the resulting items, for example, greaves made with bear leather will have different attributes than greaves made with quillback leather while using the same recipe. Dive into our crafting sphere and check out it's versatility and depth next time you’re in game.

After some solid feedback from the community we did some more work on our reagent system. You no longer need reagents to cast abilities that use them, but they are much stronger if you have them - especially as you level up.

At the beginning of March we dropped our Non-Disclosure Agreement so if you have been wanting to stream Embers Adrift the time has finally come. Be on the look out for more content to be popping up and more information being shared, for example, our weekly patch notes are now visible on our forums.

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We want to thank our tester for their involvement and feedback. Your patience is appreciated as our small indie team works to bring more content and polish into Embers Adrift. If you would like to support us and our launch we would greatly appreciate it; visit our store to pre-order or purchase for a friend today! Thanks for following our development; we really appreciate your support and interest!

Join our discord server to share your feedback & ideas, and to interact with the dev team & community, and then head over to our forums to dive deep into the news, lore, and discussions about Embers Adrift. If you don’t have a previous account, please sign up!

If you’ve pre-ordered a Stormhaven Studios product before that means you already have beta testing access to Embers Adrift and we’d love to see you in game and in our discord on Wednesday nights at 8pm Central and on the weekends. Your account has been carried over to our new website where you can download the client from the account page after logging in.

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