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State of the Game: 1 Year Anniversary


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios

State of the Game: Celebrating 1 Year!

“My journey to the Grizzled Peaks bore much fruit. Over the last several years I’ve discovered the ancient Vehueramen city of Ibaxus in a high valley, and some scant, though valuable, lore. I have years of research ahead of me just with what little I was able to gather, I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I hope to make a return journey to Ibaxus someday. The discoveries there are amazing, but unfortunately, cut short. Never enough time to fully explore the ruins and focus on certain areas for specific Alchemy artifacts and lore; dangerous guardians roam the ruins. I spent too much time running for my life… Perhaps some brave drifters can take up the torch and explore the ruins of Ibaxus to gather what we need. History is being written. We are on the brink of vastly improving our capabilities with Alchemy and directing the essence of Ember to make our lives much easier and the survival of Newhaven much more likely.”

- Banton Thrimm, Philosopher at the Academy of Ember; Newhaven City


Our 1 year anniversary is just around the corner: October 15th. Share out the invitation video to your social media to help make this the best celebration possible!

Challenge your friends to come play for free and get to level 20 before Halloween!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Embers Adrift, but haven’t given it a shot, now is the time. We will be inviting all players to join us for free starting on the 13th of October through the 5th of November. We are challenging all players to get to level 20 before Halloween on the 31st when the new patch will drop and will include Alchemy which requires level 20 to obtain.

Anyone with an account on our website will be welcome to download the game starting at noon Central Time on the 13th for free and will enjoy the perks usually reserved for subscribers until Nov. 5th. We will have a celebration discount of $19.99 starting on the 13th. Buy the game once to gain access and support us with the optional subscription to gain extra perks. Still no cash shop, pay-to-win, or micro transactions of any kind in Embers Adrift. Please take a look at all the events we have coming up for the anniversary weekend. In addition to the below we will have random GM events throughout the weekend. Special anniversary loot will be available on certain mobs and event mobs as well.
  • Friday: Welcome party in-game starts at Noon CST
  • Friday: Dev talk Stream Noon CST
  • Friday: Stream Event 2pm CST
  • Saturday: Naked Race to the Highland Hills 2pm CST. Will you make it there alive? Don’t forget to try and grab the teleport monoliths on your way by
  • Saturday: Stream Event ongoing
  • Sunday: Dice duel tournament 11am CST
  • Sunday: Firework show in Northreach 2pm CST. Come see a spectacular show put on personally by the Devs
  • Sunday: Trade Fair with lottery and roleplaying
  • 13th - 31st: Race to level 20 - can you make it to level 20 before Alchemists discover how to use the magic of Ember?
  • 13th - 5th: Free play and Free Subscription perks for all
  • 13th - 5th: periodic GM Combat Events with unique loot
  • 13th - 5th: periodic GM Events like Hide and Seek and Torch Bearer events for unique rewards
  • 13th - 5th: periodic GM Events like the Exile Invasion event
Come join us on this historic event!

Embers Adrift is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players can experience over 1000 hours of entertainment on a single character. With quests that have multiple outcomes, hundreds of rare mobs and thousands of rare/quest items, and a steady stream of new content coming out on a steady schedule. It’s never been easier to find long-term entertainment at a great price.
You can support us by buying the game HERE for yourself or for a friend, and subscribing as time goes on. You can also purchase a month of game time for your friends who may not have an active subscription. We also have a MERCH SHOP and a SOUNDTRACK if you'd like to support us in other ways. As a small company trying to go against the grain by not focusing on maximum monetization of our player-base we want to say a huge thank you to our subscribers, your support means so much to us.
Brief Recap of Major Addition Since Launch:

Here is what we’ve been up to since launch:


Ember Veins:
  1. The Noxious Bog; Ember Vein
  2. Derelict Sanctuary; Ember Vein
  3. Spinner’s Recluse; Ember Vein
  4. The Crawling Burrows; Ember Vein
  5. Basilisk Run; Ember Vein
  6. Flooded Ruins; Ember Vein
  7. Blightroot Grove; Ember Vein
  8. Cragscale Caverns; Ember Vein
  9. Arkhos’ Lair; Ember Vein
Long-Form Dungeons:
  1. Aquifer; Karst
  2. Aquifer; Undercroft
  3. Exile Freehold
  4. Forgotten Depths I
  5. Forgotten Depths II


  1. Redshore Ridge
  2. Grimstone Canyon I
  3. Grimstone Canyon II
  4. Highland Hills


New Since Launch:
  1. Runty’s Revenge
  2. Dreadfoe’s Revenge
  3. The Circle Expedition
  4. In the Forest of Madness
  5. Stones and Bones
  6. The Hunt
  7. The Great Hunt
  8. The Eye in the Sky
  9. Fight for the Freehold
  10. The Hunt
  11. The Great Hunt
  12. Acolyte’s Ambition
  13. The Threat of Grimstone
  14. The Koldire Legacy
  15. Hallow’s Eve
  16. Stones and Bones
  17. In the Name of Science
  18. The Dark Heart of the Depths
  19. Essential Studies
  20. Raw Potential
  21. In the Forest of Madness
  22. Lost to the Sands of Time
  23. Getting your Feet Wet in Dryfoot
  24. Freeing the Meadowlands
  25. A Threat to the Meadowlands
  26. Meadowlands Antiquity
  27. The Hunters of Northreach
  28. The Pie Rat
  29. Shoring up Redshore
  30. Under the Branches of History
  31. The Lost Settlers
  32. Into the Shrieking Warrens
  33. Scavenging Supplies
  34. A Veteran’s Guidance
  35. Caught with their Pants Down
  36. A Renegade’s Retribution
6 Unique Crafting Quests:
  1. Brewing Up History
  2. Restoring a Legacy
  3. Fit for an Outfitter
  4. Tinker’s Tailor Made Supplies
  5. The Blade Remade
  6. The Woodshaper’s Request


  1. Redmanes
  2. Terradiles
  3. Muckripper
  4. 2 New Variants of “Others” (one yet unseen)
  5. Giant Roaming Boss Mobs
  6. Giant Drolsc
  7. Giant Raven
  8. Giant Mangrove
  9. Woodclaimed
  10. Mandrakes
  11. All mobs have ‘Ashen’ variants
  12. Nocturnes
  13. Cragscales
  14. Snatchscales
  15. Shrieks
  16. Crabs
  17. Scorpion
  18. Stonecoats
  19. Slagjack Giants
  20. Blighted Faction
  21. Cabal Faction
  22. Grimstone Faction

Major Features:​

  1. Item linking in chat
  2. GEL System (Group Elevated Level) allows lower players to effectively play with higher players
  3. Dice Dueling
  4. First Person Camera
  5. Tutorial Log
  6. Hunting Log
  7. Revenue Model Change: Buy-2-Play with an Optional Subscription
  8. 16 New Soundtracks including dynamic music found in game only
  9. Well Traveled Roads speed buff
  10. Teleport System Expanded to include Ember Rings as well as Monoliths
  11. Emergency Item Recovery added to death system
  12. Solo/Duo content added to many dungeons and zones

Other Notable Updates:​

  • DLSS Support
  • Tons of Performance Upgrades
  • Many knobs added to the Settings for players to fine-tune their experience
  • Linux Client Support
  • Revamp of the LFG Tool
  • Revamp of Friends List
  • Revamp of the Guild List
  • Inventory Expanded
  • The Red Moon and other skybox improvements
  • So much more…
This does not include tech improvements and upgrades, art updates/additions, equipment additions, loot additions, crafting additions, NPC additions, lore additions, combat improvements, ability improvements, balance improvements, and so much more or this list could never fit in a newsletter.

I’m sure there are many things I missed in the above list, but you can read the detailed patch notes from the whole year here. Join us as we expand the Embers Adrift world and uncover the lore of its past with each monthly update.
What’s New and What’s Still to Come:

Features coming in October:
  • Alchemy phase II - (the magic system)
    • All players are getting the ability to become an alchemist at level 20 and grow their alchemy skills as they use them more and more
    • A long lost Philosopher has returned to the Academy from his archeological exploits in the Grizzled Peaks only to lose his research in his search of an Ember Vein for crucial Vehueramen documentation about Alchemy. Help him make arguably the most important discovery known to the Academy about Alchemy.
  • Event Monsters for GM led events
Quests in October:
  • A Study in Ember
  • A Requiem for the Blighted
  • A Plea for the Restless Dead
Epic Quests Coming Soon:
  • Three phases of the Epic Quests for each specialization will start at level 35
  • Will take players through encounters with the Others and Forgotten Depths III and perhaps beyond
Zones Yet to Come:
  • Grizzled Peaks Phase I (45-50)
  • Grizzled Peaks Phase II (50+ our end game content)
  • Forgotten Depths Phase III (45+)
  • Dryfoot Fortress
  • and beyond…
Features Yet to Come (not an exhaustive list):
  • Fishing
  • Alchemy Phase III (more magic!)
  • Mailing System
  • and more…
We are working very hard to keep crafting Embers Adrift into the best classically inspired MMORPG in the genre. Support our indie dev team as we grow the world together with our community of players from over 25 countries globally!
As we iterate from patch to patch, adjusting current content and adding new content, we are asking our community to keep the feedback coming and to please be patient with us as we make adjustments. Thank you all!

Stay tuned into our YouTube channel, our TWITTER, and our DISCORD server for info about our new content and latest news. You can also take a look at our patch notes on the Embers Adrift forums.
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