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Spec Change Pro Cons


Considering a Spec change but not sure what the repercussions are. And what the catch up will be. I know I start the spec over at lvl 6. And Have to level the new spec over again. I would assume its less of a grind though? What other Cons are there to doing something like this? Has anyone done it? What were your experiences. Looking for input. Talk me into it or out of it?
From what I've read from the devs and other players, it gets more punishing the closer you get to 20, and beyond that point becomes a pretty difficult thing to catch up on. I did it at 8 and was caught up by 11.
Specializations now gain experience at a faster rate when they are lower than your base role's level. This should allow specs to more easily catch up to base roles at higher levels (it still takes a bit of time!)

If anyone has switched since the patch, please let us know if it seems noticeably easier to catch up.

We're all very curious about how much of a change was made. Or the devs could just tell us...
I switched from Warden to Berserker the day before this patch came out funny enough. Since then and with only minimal play time I have gained 14 Spec levels. Again this is with minimal play on this toon. As to how much faster it is i have nothing to compare to as this is my first time doing so. I was lvl 23 at the time of change and still that level. With 14+ spec levels in that time so I would say it isnt bad.
I switched from 26 Warlord to 26SUP/6Duelist right after the patch. Now its 27SUP/22Duelist. When leveling with a levl 21 friend while I was 26/21 we measured & compared. Result: my subclass xp is multiplied by 3.5