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Small playerbase? How can you contribute


Stormhaven Studios

Dear Community.

We are a small and mighty community, and I’m very happy to be entrusted in serving it!

But yes, right now we are a small community, we have a small player base, but we are working to grow and you can help. A small community has good sides (we all know each other) and bad sides (we all know each other)... We never expected to be overpopulated, so it’s no surprise for us, the team at Stormhaven Studio. However I know that it worries some of you. So let’s talk about it, with simplicity, honesty, and positivity.

First, it must be said, be assured that we are working hard to improve our game and add new content as fast and as best as possible. We are also working on strategies to increase our player base - marketing is hard and expensive. We are a small team, therefore we put our focus in the areas that require our most urgent attention. It’s a little bit like a game of whack-a-mole and there is always more that we could do. But we work hard because we want our game to be enjoyable by many players, old and new.

I am personally present in the game a lot to create groups at the lowest population time and helping out to maintain a friendly and dynamic atmosphere in game and in our social media (like Discord, our forums). I’m very concerned by the well-being of our community and I’m doing my best to shape a kind, warmhearted, dynamic and friendly community.

But YOU can help too! This is obviously not your role, and no one is expecting it from you. But I know that some of you are concerned and want to help. So here are a few ideas of how you can help.

  • Simply being a kind, welcoming, and active player is already a true blessing! That ALONE is helping much more than you think!
  • Being cheerful and kind in the Global Chat goes a long way! Saying Hi, answering questions, or simply sharing a few words can lighten up the chat and elevate the mood overall! The chat is much nicer if there is friendly talk in addition to the LFG messages.
  • Helping out other players that are looking for a group. Sometimes players are looking to do content that you do not need or that you have out-leveled, they may be struggling to complete their group. Taking sometimes to help those players or filling up a slot in a group is truly epic. This is how we create a wonderful community.
  • To gain more players we need more visibility. It is no secret that we do not have the marketing budget of a AAA studio. Therefore any good ol’ help to satisfy the algorithm is truly helpful. Like and retweet our tweets. Comment on our videos. Speak about us in your communities. Be active on Reddit and/or Facebook. Spread the word about us.This helps much more than you know! This is where you can be of the most help in increasing the player base.
  • Support our Content Creators. We have a really cool community of content creators on Youtube, Twitch, and social media. Content Creators are community builders. Encouraging them and taking part in their chat is helping to shape the community, it helps them and it helps promote the game to potential new players
  • And if you want to go the extra mile, creating events for the community is also something fantastic that can help the feeling of togetherness. Do not hesitate to contact me in the case you want to organize something for help of any kind.

To all of you that are already active, present, helpful, kind, like, sharing, retweeting, supporting content creators and more, THANK YOU. There are many of you, we see you and we truly appreciate you, your support, and your presence in our community.

Many thanks for reading my post!
Love & Light to you all!