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Bug Simple camera panning fix ; whether for OCD or immersion - kindly consider for next patch

is this a bug?


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Camera behavior
Third person
Left click and move mouse = pans the camera with your character being the focal point [Correct]
Right click and move mouse= turns your character [Correct]

First person
Left click and move mouse = turns your character [ Not correct - it should be the same as third person's behavior]
Right click and move mouse= turns your character [Correct]

I could spent quite a lot of time detailing how frustrating this is, given that some of my most beloved later era (beyond the EverQuest days) have gotten this wrong... LOTRO still to this day is like this.
I may have missed some over the years however seems Warcraft and FFXIV are the only one that got it correct across both.
Cool story - when FFXIV was in beta, it did the exact same thing. I harped on about it incessantly and right before launch, the final beta wave - the client began operating correctly where first person left click and camera movement would pan the camera, not turn the character

I am hoping that if Square Enix could respond and action, maybe Stormhaven can as well

Please adjust this..
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