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LIVE September 26th; what's new?


Stormhaven Studios
What's new?
This month brings a number of bug fixes that have been evading us for quite some time. A good chunk of our development time this month has been spent on prepping the Alchemy system and we're very excited to share it with you in the near future; stay tuned!

Bug fixes / improvements:
  • Tech
    • Upgraded to the latest Unity 2021 minor revision (2021.3.30f1). This update brings minor bug fixes and performance improvements. It also includes back-end improvements to DLSS to reduce ghosting (we have no control over these parameters; this is just what Unity said in their patch notes). This version also includes a fix for macOS to remove random cpu spikes (a bug which I reported over a year ago).
    • Fixed a bug in the culling system that has been eluding me and plaguing the project for 4.5 years. This bug caused a number of culled objects (torches, particle systems, lights, human texture resolutions) to not properly enable/disable when moving in and out of range.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing clients from properly disconnecting from the social server. This may have caused players to show as online when they were not, and potentially multiple characters from the same player to show as online at the same time.
    • Fixed a bug that was allowing NPC calls for help to consider nearby dead targets. This had no effect other than reducing the number of valid calls for help an NPC could make.
    • Fixed a bug with negative haste applied to NPCs that could cause them to stop attacking all together.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Longbows and Crossbows to attack large creatures at point blank range.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to bypass the global cooldown for abilities. This should also resolve a number of issues related to skill animations being skipped.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck in a sitting animation if they looted while sitting.
    • Fixed a bug causing Ashen mobs to not have proper aggro when spawned. Reminder that the Ashen creature will know of all the previous targets but everyone's threat gets reset to 1.
    • Fixed a bug that caused someone with 3000 hunting log kills to continually get a "Perk Unlocked" message when they continued to kill that creature.
    • Fixed next two sunrise/sunset event times not accounting for time zone differences (applies to Meadowlands, Highlands, Dryfoot, and Grimstone)
  • Environment / Art
    • Fixed stuck spots in Meadowlands and Newhaven City.
    • Fixed a floating cliff in Grimstone Canyon
    • Fixed animation delay issues with Sedation Dart.
    • Fixed clipping issues with a short sleeve shirt.
    • Removed various non-functional ladders.
    • Ember stones will now more gracefully adjust their brightness when their fill level changes.
    • Weapons are now hidden while put away in first person mode.
    • Minor prop LOD adjustments.
  • UI:
    • Improved Role icon contrasts to be more consistent.
    • Role icons are now colored based on the base role. Strikers are red, Supporters are green, and Defenders are blue.
    • Duelist role icon has been changed to a scale which represent balance. It was previously using the same icon as the striker base role.
    • UI text that have tooltips will now change the cursor accordingly.
    • Auto attacks are now grayed out slightly in the combat log for easier reading.
    • Improved tooltips and functionality for the skull icon on your nameplate that indicates a missing bag.
      • Icon now shows correctly when your bag is in a different zone.
      • If your bag is in a different zone the tooltip will tell you which zone it is in.
      • If you are in the same zone as your bag the tooltip will indicate the distance to your bag.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented non-subscribers from right clicking to send items to the bank.
    • LFM level range is now two separate input fields.
    • Fixed a bug with input fields in the social UI that could sometimes interrupt input.
    • Added a description to Rapier tooltips indicating that they require an empty off-hand.
    • Eagle-Eye now has an overhead graphic
    • Added slash-command aliasing which should help clean up the /help and /list command lists
  • Design:
    • Advantage/Disadvantage now rolls the hit dice twice and takes the higher/lower results. This is in addition to the damage dice which it already does.
    • Ashen Bear abilities reduced in damage and range. Increased cooldowns.
    • Drolsc's "Fatal Blow" no longer penetrates armor.
    • Ant Hills & Rat Nests will now cleanup additional spawns when their health returns to 100% and no players are around.
    • Prevent Ant Hills and Rat Nests from alerting other hills & nests.
    • Reduced Anthill assist radius.
    • Fixed ashen loot tables missing recipes for levels 33-43
    • Increased the nav-agent radius for worms to reduce the chance that they will move to spots that you cannot.
    • Feared mobs now move slower than they did previously.
  • Quests / Lore:
    • New quest: Dreadfoe's Revenge. This quest is only accessible to certain players based on past quest choices to make up for missing out on a reward)
    • Minor dialogue improvements to clarify Magda's quest.
New stuff:
Patterns and Dyes
Added Crafting Dyes and Patterns. These are optional components for Cloth Shirts, Pants, and Gloves to change the color and style of these items. Note that with the inclusion of patterns the base visuals of the Shirt recipe has been standardized. All previously crafted items will retain their current colors and visuals.

Subzone Tech
Added sub-zone identification tech. /who, friends, group, guild, etc will now show any sub-zones that the player may be in. This applies to the different Ember Veins, Aquifer's Karst/Undercroft, and Redshore Ridge + Exile Freehold.

/who updates
  • /who results are now sorted and formatted more cleanly. Anonymous users will be first, followed by the results in level order.
  • They now include a character's level, role, name, zone/subzone, AND guild. If any of those things "match" they will be italicized. For example: if someone in your /who results shows someone in your group, in your guild, or in your zone, then the name, guild, or zone would be italicized and colored slightly differently.
  • /who results now show a character's role as an icon to save space. The icon has a tooltip of the full role name as well.
Here's a quick preview of some /who results. Note that this image does not include any guild names! But rest assured they will be included in your results.

New Ant Hill Visuals

Two additional new visuals similar in shape and function will be revealed soon!

Monolith to Ember Ring Teleports (added September 5th):
Incase you missed the patch notes from September 5th we introduced a new feature that will significantly reduce the travel time required to meet up and adventure. Your map will now display "Teleport" buttons below discovered Ember Rings when you are near the zone's Monolith. I find it helpful to think of the Monolith network as train stations that take you between zones and the Monolith->Ember Ring network as bus stops that take you to different spots within the zone. Clicking one of the teleport buttons will invoke a confirmation dialog; once confirmed you will be transported to your Ember Ring of choice. A couple of notes to keep in mind:
  • Regarding Teleport Buttons:
    • Will only show when a map exists & you are in range of an Ember Monolith. This means that this feature cannot be utilized inside of dungeons or outdoor dungeon-like scenes (Stronghold, Freehold, Ridge)
    • Will only show if you have an Ember Stone.
    • Will only show under discovered Ember Rings within the same zone. This means that you cannot go from Dryfoot->Dryfoot Stronghold or Redshore->Freehold/Ridge even if they show on the same map.
    • Will only be interactable if you have at least 5 Ember Essence in your Ember Stone.
    • Only refresh when you leave and return to within range of the Monolith. In other words: if you do not have 5 EE and somehow acquire 5 EE while remaining in range of the monolith then you will need to move away and back towards it to refresh the buttons.
  • These teleports play by the same rules as Monoliths: mainly that they cannot be used while in combat.
  • This is a one-way trip; once you leave the Monolith you would have to return to the Monolith to use this feature again.
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