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Ruins, Dungeons & Wondering NPCs

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

Well-Known Member
Hello. This may be something far down the road. Was wondering with all the ruins we see about, will there be glyphs (like hieroglyphics types or similar), writings, puzzles, drawings or partial drawings, or clues scattered all over the regions/realms?

Will dungeon also have such things when we look up, when we look at the ceilings, on the walls or ground or around corners? or maybe something in the water, a coin, a notable rock or item? or if we look closely at broken vases or items on the ground, will there be something see? Will having a torch or lantern matter if it triggers by type of said light/lighten effect?

Have seen a few traveling guards, will more like guards on patrols, patrolling up and down the roads. Will we see traveling NPC on the roads, near ruins, in ruins, or captive by Exiles and such? Will we see NPC in dungeons that we may or may not need to rescue or converse with and get quest? Cant wait to see some of the towns populated with NPCs. Have seen a few abandon homes, villa like, empty camps, farms in the Meadowlands, will those area be populated with NPC or mobs like or both?

Will there be fast travel for folks who dont want or dont like to walk to said towns? Rent a horse that only takes you from village/town stable to another village/town stable?
Will there be fish in lakes, ponds and river that bites you when you swim across long across?