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Roadmap for Q3 & Q4 2023 (subject to change)


Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios
Embers Adrift Roadmap 2023.png

RoadMap 2023

Finished in Q2- Q3 -- Q4 -
Forgotten DepthsForgotten Depths IIIGrizzled Peaks
Grimstone CanyonHighland HillsAlchemy III
Ember Vein Dungeon lvl 25Epic Weapon QuestsNew Creatures
Ember Vein Dungeon lvl 45Epic Quest POIsOthers’ Storyline cont.
Ember Vein Dungeon lvl 48Alchemy IIDryfoot Fortress
Group Elevated Level New CreaturesGrimstone III
Many long-form QuestsOthers’ Storyline Begins
Several New CreaturesVehueramen Ruins
Epic Weapon ModelsOthers’ Dwellings
Cabal Alchemist Faction*Big Announcement Work*
First Person Mode
Several QoL Features
Really hoping the Others storyline is something we need guilds for and progress through unlockable areas with a iconic bad guy.