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Rescue operation


New Member
It was an early weekend morning. I had just zoned into redshore coming from the meadowlands side when I saw in zone chat:

"Someone help me all of my gear is broken, and I just need an escort out of this zone."

I replied, sure, I'll help!

So I joined their group and started to make my way to the eastern side of the map. They were being killed repeatedly by 'stalker' mobs, they kinda looked like lizard chameleons. They con'd white to me at 26. I was able to get to the fire they were trapped at, kill the stalkers and I was kinda shocked.

Truely this player was imprisoned by the mobs. Each time they died next to a fire with no anvil and these mobs were legit hunting them. Being lost in the woods is the worst, but getting killed over and over by mobs, trying to run away, getting lost and trapped at the fire.

It was cool I was able to help, the game mechanic is neat. More games need a little more difficulty spice like this