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Religion / spirituality in the world of Embers Adrift?

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I admit that I've only seen the starting zone and Newhaven City so far - and maybe I've missed some clues, so please bear with me.

I want to (role)play my character (a duelist - although I prefer the term dualist) as a monk of sorts.
He only fights with staves and follows a code of honour - but I don't know exactly what this looks like yet.

I haven't encountered any religious or spiritual groups in the game yet - is there anything I can base my roleplay on?
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Watching from the shadows of a tree, Marcus would often return to the frail bridge that had brought so many north and into the valley.

Why did this newcomer travel this way, what was it that attracted him?
Is it a coincidence that as you cross that bridge, the large blue planet is directly in your line of sight, the movement of the gases around it providing a hypnotic effect much like looking into the fire of the ember rings.

Much had he learnt since doing that bridge crossing himself, but he still felt like there were more questions than answers.
Having found no great clarity, perhaps someone from the south would be the key.

This one looked different, a determined gaze, the stave he was carrying looked like it had seen much conflict.

He stopped to ponder how the clues he had discovered to the north would affect this new arrival, as he saw the robed one greeted by the usual newhaveners and then move out of his sight.

Perhaps the picture would soon become clearer.

Patience, he thought to himself, and discretion.
Many had crossed that bridge, most of good demeanour.
He now felt a connection to these people and their struggles, and would do his bit to help protect them from further threats, both from the north and the south.
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Audric is sitting cross-legged next to the Ember Ring at Hilgridt's Farm and meditates.

Much has happened since he crossed the Darklands and arrived in the valley of Newhaven.
He had encountered many challenges, dangers, but also many hospitable people.
And many things that he couldn't quite explain - and to which even those he spoke to couldn't give satisfactory answers.

What is certain, however, is that these Ember Rings seem to have magical properties.
Their effect is warming, healing and beneficial - the perfect place for his meditation.

He will continue his search - for answers and his place in these new, wondrous lands.
And he will try to return the favours he has received and continues to receive.

He slowly opens his eyes and his gaze falls on the majestic blue celestial body.

It's time to head north.
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