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Regen of health and Stamina in and out of combat


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A rather lengthy discussion has been going on in Discord with regard to how regen of health and stamina works. Would a developer please clarify.

Do we have a natural health regen in Combat?

Do we have a natural Stamina Regen in Combat?

Do +health and +Sta Stats benefit a player in Combat?

What defines Combat? (IE Party Member in combat and you assisting? or only direct agro of a mob)

Does Sitting do anything while your party is in combat?

Probably the biggest question is why can't we see directly how this is working?
I've noticed and tested while playing that there are 3 levels of combat:

Full combat: Filled in swords below health bar.
"Lesser" combat (I don't know the official term): Faded swords below health bar.
Out of combat: No swords.

No health regen in full combat. Greatly reduced stamina regen in full combat.
Minimal health regen in "lesser" combat (this may only be while sitting, need confirmation). Stamina regen seems to be about the same UNLESS you are sitting.
Sitting provides a bonus to health and stamina regen while completely out of combat. It provides a decent bonus while in "lesser" combat to stamina regen, but none to health (again, this may need confirmation).

Sitting provides no bonuses in full combat. However, you can back off of the fight and as long as you don't have DoTs on the mob and aren't taking damage, your timer will begin ticking down.
Once your swords have completely gone transparent you will regenerate again.

It seems to be a lot like EQ and DAoC where sitting while your party fights will yield you your resources but not really do anything for your health.
@VelFaern 's assessment is mostly correct. The only other variable not accounted for is the player stance.

To summarize, there are three STATES you can be in at any time:
  • Out of combat
  • Between In & Out of combat
  • In combat
This state is represented by the crossed sword icons under your nameplate. When the sword icon is "full" then you are considered fully in combat, when the swords reach empty and disappear you are considered out of combat. Any various fill state of the icon that is between full and empty means you are in the between state.

Next we have player STANCE. These include:
  • Resting (sit)
  • Crouch
  • Idle
  • Swim
  • Combat (weapons unsheathed)
Each one of these states has an "In Combat" and "Out of Combat" recovery rate multiplier associated with it for both stamina and health (along with movement modifiers, etc). The exact values of which we will not be sharing. However, we can say that resting > crouch > idle > combat when it comes to the recovery rate multipliers. These get applied after any +regen stats so if the multiplier is 0 then +regen gear has no effect. When are you are in the in between state the multiplier is interpolated between the in combat and out of combat values.

Looking at the current values all stances have 0 health regen for their in-combat multiplier. So to more directly answer your questions for the current state of things:
  • You do not have any natural health regen in combat right now (FULLY in combat, meaning the swords are full)
  • You do have natural stamina regen in combat
  • +health regen does not benefit you in combat (it aids in recovery time)
  • +stamina regen does benefit you in combat
  • combat is defined by the swords being on your nameplate. This can be triggered by using an offensive ability, or being in the vicinity of an NPC using an offensive ability.
  • sitting in combat can yield faster stamina regen rates during the interpolation period between combat and non-combat
  • you can see directly how this is working? go try things and time it? guess I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this final question

The multipliers have been pretty consistent throughout the life of the game (alpha, beta, now launch) so I don't anticipating tweaking them too much moving forward unless something comes up.
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Yay for almost being right!

Thank you Undone this has been bugging me for a while trying to figure it out all the way!