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Ranger or ranged typed class?

The striker class, and all it's specializations, can use bows; but some abilities lend themselves more to ranged than melee. You can see details here - https://embersadriftguide.github.io/

The support class, and all its specializations, can use crossbows - but I wouldn't say they were considered ranger types.
looking at the passives it would appear a zerker would make a better "Ranger" with the +5 to ranged damage, where warden gets nothing for that.. also fury with the haste and damagae up also applies to bows..
The bonus for berserkers, which scales from 0 to +5 as you level, is to all weapons types not just ranged. The bonues for wardens is for tohit, which means they'll do a successfull attack more often which in turn leads to increased dmg. For brigands the bonus is for penetration, which means they ignore more armour, so again will lead to increased damaged.

If anything the bonuses for each specialization could guide you to what sort of bonues you want on your equipment so you get a wide range of bonuses.
All 3 strikers and all 3 supports can be played as Ranged or Ranger type builds or as melee builds its entirely up to your personal preference how you gear and build your character.
just seems like the base damage buff, from skills like fury, the base passive damage boost etc, been beneficial for ranged.
Now that venom strike (alchemy version) has a snare attached to it, bow kiting is possible with wardens now more than ever.