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Ranged DPS

I am wondering if there are plans for more classes? There doesn't seem to be a ranged DPS class.
Striker would be your go-to ranged DPS role as they can use short+long bows. However, a striker does not have to be a strict ranged class as you would still have the option to swap out to melee weapons (either dual wield or 2H blades). Every base role has 3 weapon "stances" they can work with and swap between.
Roles & Specialisation are not pigeon hold by their weapons. Every roles have access to 3 set of different weapons and you can use them at your will.
Only Defender have not access to a ranged weapon (this, otherwise defenders would be the ones pulling all the time and we want the other roles to be the pullers).
I craft Kunai for my Defender. Pulling as a Defender gives me initial agro and makes it easier to position and control the mob, unless some ranged dps get an itchy trigger finger and fires away early .... grrrrrrr!

I pull a lot as a Striker too. I can stand off farther when equipping a long bow. At the moment of the initial attack, I get out of combat stance and switch to melee weapons, or a short bow, while running back to the tank's back pocket. This practice gets me into trouble occasionally when I pull with my Defender because it's ingrained in my muscle memory to switch stances to run back to my group. Launching a thrown weapon does not require a Defender to be in combat stance. :cool: