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Question on taunting and Aggro.


New Member
Currently low lvl Knight. Only done Ancient Bear which I had zero problems with holding Aggro using the Urine. My question is, I just tried doing cv east. With Urine my only ingredient, having it checked, I take it, that it's not effective against humanoids, like in the bandit camp. What ingredient is used to help with taunting,Aggro, while fighting these humanoids? Hope my question makes sense, and hope for a educated reply. Thank You
The only real way of holding and maintaining aggro from anything is to have the group let you get in a few of your aggro skills on em before engaging.
Oftentimes people don't listen, so the other alternative is to try and have a high damage or low delay weapon. It helps you build aggro faster.
Doesn’t the urine just add damage ? I don’t think it helps with threat - if your lower level than some of the DPS not sure you can hold Agro
Using reagents on an ability has the same effect on all mob types. There is no different or special urine to use on humanoids it's all the same with the same effect. You want a hard hitting 2H weapon to get your 1st auto attack in and an ability or 2 before switching to shield and 1h. If you are having issues with threat you are likely not using a 2h for abilities and likely not using taunt on cooldown. Also the knight is pretty widely known to be the worst tank for threat generation right now.