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Quantity of materials required not shown w/o materials present

I dipped into a crafting class today, but was disappointed I couldn't see how many Threads I would need to craft some of the Leather armor unless I already had Threads in my inventory. If you're trying to buy some threads off someone else in order to craft some gear, you can't know how many you need until you have at least one, ask someone else, or google it once a wiki or forum thread about it becomes available. It would be nice to see the quantities required without having to have the material in question.


Agreed, I would like some kind of in-game 'journal' of information that even characters without the craft skill could access to see what is required without having the items on-hand. Maybe you would need someone to 'teach' you based on their skills and what they have access to.

At the very least, a crafter with a recipe should know the item type and quantity required for said recipe without just having to get a pile of everything on hand and guessing at first or later when they've cleared their inventory.