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Purchase able crafting resource bank slots


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Just a thought and I know the whole bag space issue has been a constant topic.

But I was wondering about the addition of possible bank slots you could purchase that would hold only gathering supplies and resources used for crafting.

We still are having an issue with the minimal bank/bag space we currently have and even with the reduction of the different type of resources we still are finding the space is not adequate enough.

Is this something that could be possible or some other variation that could be implemented to break up the space needed for all things crafting and everything else we have?
I would also like to see a bazaar feature or something to off load unneeded resources or give3 us the option to take like 5 coarse leather and upgrade it to 1-3 leather of the next tier and so on.
Or if the above would not work the option to see back the materials to the merchant. I have tons of like tier 1 items of 400 plus that i just do not use and the increase to make something with it is marginal once you hit lvl 20 in crafting etc.