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PSA to the community about the "Tank Tax"


Two fold purpose to this post - information dissemination and a plea to share the burden.

"Tank Tax" is in reference to the inherent cost of tanking for a group being MUCH higher than other roles. As an example in an Exile/CV2 group the average non tank repair bill is literally 20x lower than the tanks.

I was grouped with some awesome folks yesterday. We did Exiles/CV for several hours, earned about a level and half worth of experience. I, the Knight (only tank), spent roughly 20 silver in repairs. This is an estimate because I used 10 repair kits and repaired at the camp 3 times (one full repair of my primary set and backup, two "top off" repairs). Non tanks spent less than a silver in repairs. FYI, I only died once so that was not a factor in the overall repair costs.

I can imagine this is only going to get worse with higher levels and better gear.

Nearly everyone in my group contributed to my repair bill and I am very appreciative. This is my plea, that if you group with a tank for an extended play time - please share the love and share the burden of the "Tank Tax". I hate asking but it's unsustainable to play the game and LOSE money after a successful run.
This is definitely an issue that had not come up in testing to my knowledge. So interested to see how it can “evened out”. Maybe all defensive players get a repair discount because the guards are so glad they’re not the ones getting hit anymore.
Tank tax is preventing me from leveling my marshal; especially knowing that it's going to be adjusted/lowered. Doesn't feel good to have to transfer coin from my other chars just to run a dungeon.
I play a marshal and this entire concept is a non issue, human type mob start dropping coin itself and basic nonsense items like gloves etc sell for enough to cover costs.

barter is still a large part of the economy at middling level, noone wants coin and you have to offer tens of golds to make most people bother to perform a transaction.
powerful items sell for 75s or 1g because noone cares about currency

money doesnt get you far if the people who have the items you want only want to trade, not sell them, try buying a dire raider weapon for cash or a mandrake recipe.

bank slots? i really should sell an item and buy more bank slots... and i guess some people have to buy food/drink... apart from that youre not really going to be chasing hard currency that much.
"Tank tax" is good to consider as i am new ti the game and was instantly interested in the juggernaut roll. It is very realistic that the forward moving part of the group would get the most abuse and in turn the largest repair bill.

Having good pals that will take care of their tank (if not a PUG) is a good answer to this, cuz like Rev pointed out then it's only a matter of time before all classes find nuances to get hand outs for. But at the same time it does suck to have to pay 20x more. That's a big difference.

Maybe there should be a craft able or a very cheap purchaseable item that only DEF class can attach to gear that is only good for mobs in dungeons that increase durability?