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Feedback Provisioning recipes which make use of grain and vegetables

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is this feedback?

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When I started playing, I was pleased to see that there are several vegetarian and even vegan dishes available from vendors (bread, vegetable soup, pies, etc.).
So, kudos for that.

I then started collecting various ingredients such as wheat, carrots, onions, turnips etc. and stored them in my stash - in the hope that one day I would be able to make my own bread or vegetable dishes as a provisioner.

But now I've heard from some people that there are no such recipes?
Does this mean that I have collected all these ingredients in vain - or is this information wrong?

If the former - are there any plans to add recipes which make use of these ingredients in the future?
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Those ingredient are vendor trash for now.
One day, maybe, we will have a reciepe to make a stew or some soup. Crafting revamp is in the plan, but I'm not sure what Adric has in store for us with provisioning.

For now, you can safely sell those items, unless you have enough inventory room and ready to keep those stacks of onions and carots until ... whenever... :)

Of course I will continue to keep my vegetable treasures in my stash, in the hope that...

*gathering of the members of Stormhaven Studios*

"Okay, what's up everyone - anything urgent on our agenda?"

"Well, there's this player who's crazy enough to store 13 hot peppers, 12 carrots, 8 wheat, 8 turnips, 5 onions and 4 sacks of wheat flour in their personal stash."

"Haha, what a fool. They probably haven't realised that it's all vendor trash."

"Well, I thought maybe we could do them a favour and introduce a bread and vegetable soup recipe with the next patch?"

"Alright, do we have free resources to do that?"

"Not really..."

"Then do it during your lunch break."

"But boss..."

"Get to work!"


By the way:
I swear I wasn't aware there's a studio member by the name of Adric when I made my character Audric.
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