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Feedback Please consider increasing the range of the mouseover tooltip for player and non-player characters

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is this feedback?

Deleted member 32699

The logic behind the current - very restrictive - range of the mouseover tooltip is that you have to be in close visual or (inter)action range of an (unknown) object in order to recognise it or interact with it. So far, so realistic.

However, when someone is standing 2-3 metres away from me in the bank and I want to quickly check if it's someone I know - it's simply not possible because the mouseover range doesn't extend that far. That's not realistic.

I don't use name plates for immersion reasons and I don't want to target random people because it's inconvenient and gives off "someone's ogling me" vibes.

I'm really only interested in increasing the range of the mouseover tooltip (and only regarding player and non-player characters) - the range at which you can interact with others should stay the same.
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