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Feedback Please change repair kits to work on every equipped item (emergency repair and tank tax)

is this feedback?
I like playing support and always gravitate to healer/mezzer (and a lesser extent tank) type roles.

I have had rather long dungeon crawling experiences where at the end our gear was pretty broken down (luckily nothing broke for good, since we had few downs and deaths). So after returning to town I checked out repair kits only to find out that they are applied directly to a single item.
This makes them highly impractical and expensive to use. In order to cover for your team in an emergency situation you will have to carry dozens of them and in between it will always be better using the anvil.
Repair kits are sitting on New World levels of utility (ie zero the game punishes you for using them), something not even interesting to use to level your provisioner skill since you need a vendor item for the recipe to work.

If a kit were to work by appyling evenly over all the items equipped on your paperdoll it would be possible to get a "broken / in danger of breaking" tank back on his feet and it would also be easier to help mitigate the "tank tax" repair costs.