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Player vision height disparity - first person/third person BUG Or?


New Member
This is myself standing way too tall and impressive. Note I tower over the lady

And here is me in first person doing my best Tom Cruise impression (during the Nicole Kidman years)

Presumably the idea is I am viewing the world through my eyes, therefore I should be looking down at the top of her head - not be eye to eye with her
It's quite the immersion slayer when you walk up to a table and it's about eye height with you and yet when in third person camera you're clearly taller as below


Based on the first image, my head would be somewhere around where my abdomen is on the second image..I'd be noticebly shorter..
The first person camera is currently at a "fixed" vertical height which is why you are seeing it like this. This could certainly be improved for different characters but there are some technical pains in the neck not yet addressed to allow me to do that. I'll see what I can do for the next patch.