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Outfitter (Metal Armor Related)

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Finally got around to working on some Outfitting stuff. This is for Metal Armour related, of Copper, Tin, Zink, Bronze, & Brass Armor for now.
Managed to get my Outfitter to level 33.10 before realizing, most, if not all of us will never get to see anything higher then level 20 ish stuff. Plus I was getting sleepy and it become monotonous. Maybe when they do a high level test build, we may get to see it then. For now, this is what I made to show comparison and general info. Of course all the numeric values will change in the future for balances purpose.
These are full set of Copper Armour from level 1-30. Because it was a large task, broke it down into two image sets.
Copper Armor Set 06a.jpgCopper Armor Set 06b.jpg
As you may noticed, new style armour will show up when you reach said level. Do know that the helmet visual on the character will change, from open helm/visor look to closed/full visor helmet look. The color/hue will change between copper, tin, bronze and zink. The style at the moment seem to be the same for the Cuirass and Faulds.
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Hello. Have some Tin Amour sets. Made three sets for each different level range. From level 10 to 30, to give you a general idea what to expect. You have to be minimum level of 10 to make tin armour and you can not make tin armour for lower level characters under 9. The required level to wear is 10.
Like the Weaponsmith info, the type of Metal and Strappings will be different in the final product. Also Outfitter level & Quality % will determine how good your product, what bonuses you are able to make/get too imo.
Tin Amor Set 04.jpg
Hello. Have some Bronze Armour. Not much to compare to, its so so. Maybe if I get better making more Bronze Armour, I will have better results later on?
Bronze Armor 02.jpg