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New Sentinel


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Im new to the game (a couple days) and went with sentinel as my first character. I was wondering what are peoples weapon of choice? Since we can have 2 sets, would one usually use 2h staff and a range weapon? Or use the banners with a 1h? Im just wondering how important that choice is. For myself, I usually use the 2h staff when I duo or in a grp of 3 but tend to change to crossbow when theres more people, im not even sure why tot ell the truth I just feel its less clutered.

And as far as stats goes, are there certain stats that are better than others for the class? I know about POS, I think it gives bonuses to the positioning dmg, but im sure there is more kinds of stats down the line as I level more. Thx all, and I like the game, been having fun, ppl are super nice also :)
1h + banner with stamina until you get your + healing rod
2h staff for solo or xbow when in group
Doesn't necessarily matter what you choose, it's a matter of what you like.

As far as stats go, these are your main stats too focus on.
+ healing
+ stamina regen
+ physical damage resist
+ hit
+ resilience
+ haste (more gear with this stat around level 20+)

Gloves, cloth chest, legs, rings, necklace are easiest to get + healing stats.
Banners, belts, and potions for stamina regen.
Earrings and boots for Physical damage resist
Resilience can be acquired from all other armor pieces.

Keep in mind, crafted gear has a wide variety of stats you can mix and match. Also to boost your stats you should use augments especially ramie patches.

I would recommend getting +50 to healing then focus on stamina regen, then hit and resilience.

Also you should join the discord, it's more b active and you'll get faster responses.