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My Embers adrift journey from trial to 2nd month sub


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My embers experience to date from trial launch (with peak new players) and into 2nd month of sub has been a mixed one. Will try to summerise impressions as I played.

Old mmo feel. Start weak, progress slow, money initially hard to get, (buying arrows after the first 500 at 2cp each omg make woodworker immediately)

Aggro mechanics frustrating and non intuitive, hard to discern mobs investigate vs aggro on pull. Crouching not really rewarded. Body pulls also not work like old school. Do kind of like frontal aggro mechanic vs 360 range mechanic though.

Very little equipment for first few levels at all unless lucky to find the rare spawns which were nice.

Wood hard to find anywhere to harvest for initial crafting compare to to rocks/carcass.

Still hate to this day that 1c mobs can stun and root the way the do. At best they should snare/interrupt leaving the more harsh things to 2 and 3c. Biggest turn off by far in game to me through whole experience.

Cv1 and hunting named in nhv was fun, misha wrecking people was fun and rewarding when slain.

Doing longer version or missing apprentice on 2nd character felt bad. Mainly having to explore back end of Cv1, then having to talk to npc and then go back and do it properly.

Levelled to 11 because no sub class for trial. Decided to sub, was immediately disappointed that gained subclass and it was level 6. Didn't like that at all.

Ember veins were interesting, cv2 was hard to get a group past 1st fire. Spider cave Web debuff lasting as long and being as slow was very annoying and jump webs no help. Bear stuns still suck around 1c raven rock.

ML beautiful zone but felt super barren vast open plains of nothing. Really didn't enjoy krast 3c mires such big hp sponges and felt just meh, was least favourite place minus ant ev in the game.

Found friends along the way to learn about compass, emberstone quest.

Found some of the bb in nr and ml horrible, bats in NR and bears in ML in particular
Spent alot of time in DF, enjoyed the zone and music and look of ant hills and views, until I had to actually fight ants. The ant hills arn't fun, and ants long duration snare, roots and the sheer speed they all use them is just awful. Exiting ant ev, spider ev and basalisk feels horrible and bad rng means just can get chain snared/rooted/stunned and killed this was not fun considering solo loops are in there so often exit alone. The amount of running in DF for quests and just to get places starts to get old for such a big zone.

After DF is where hit a pretty hard brick wall. Loved EC getting to the tower in middle of ML and closeness of mobs etc. But it was almost impossible to get a group at level for it. I spent most of my time there with higher level players. And sadly this became the journey from then on. Most of my grouping was with a high level tank and if I wanted a group content was either trivial or red and still trivial. I am now parked at gc not able to complete bb at lvl 35 because despite several loops of 1c and 2c ev cannot get wirey rats to spawn. Shriek ev is horrible with the shrieks all the time and debuff for no real reason, I now play the game with no sound there and in fd2.

I have gone back to play a level 20 alt because I am one of only a few mid 30 players, crank also has the same issues. Waiting for people to catch up so we can experience content at level appropriate groups.

Alc2 felt great to unlock, but 10 Min cool down just feels bad for most skills, and a punish for such a cool concept.
Having to choose between some occasional use skills on hot bar just in case and regular use skills also feels bad.
Mobs still running inside you feels bad.
Ravens are the worst and if they wernt good dup xp and dropped carrion gloves, i am 100% sure all playrs would ignore them because of the pathing issues and not being able to see/hit them.

This to me is where game begins to crumble. Upto level 25 is mostly good...was startig to feel like home,
After 25 the annoyances pile up to make me ask why am I doing this?

Oh and please please put named in solo ant ev and any 2c loops, the lack of them makes it feel so so boring.

I love the game, the community and the devs. But the frustrating this in game are stacking up above the positives

To me possible fixes in my ignorance of how hard they are to fix.

  1. Better indication of mobs investigating vs aggro
  2. More customization of hot bar shape position, separating buff debuff, locking debuff window.
  3. Ant ev. Ember is so central to game and ant ev is to me the worst place in the game to be (solo side) add a few named, there is aloso minimal loot dropped from trash mobs apart from class components.
  4. Lower CD on ember 2 all skills. Lower CD on some ember 1 skills. Rework strike for all classes, give us a reason more than e1 to put it on bar
  5. Look at 3c mobs hp. Some are absolute hp sponges (mires, ants nests, drolscs with their resilience buffs) and feel bad for a group let alone 3-5 people. Add more 4c mobs
  6. Let us travel to the ember fires in stronghold since they appear on the same map.
  7. Remove stun and root from 1c mobs, or drastically reduce duration further (more interrupts), and move ant, spider and basilisk mobs further from ev exit, buff the no target zone timer.
  8. The lag on zone into freehold is just unacceptable, playing the rest of the game and having to then turn off a whole bunch of stuff to even play this even after waiting several minutes. 100% is worth you guys spending time to fix. This screams more than anything else stop playing our game (raven pathing is 2nd)
  9. Crafting destruction, the amount of resources destroyed harvesting and then refining is too high, I lost half a pile of 100 silver refining it, and same for other resources.. It is a real grind above 25 to amount enough of a resource to refine for xp, loosing seriously this much regularly is bad. Loosing stuff also when 10+ levels above the requirement is also bad. I shouldn't get dust mining a lvl 20 rock at lvl 30.
  10. Allow food/drink/potions all crafted with the same effect to stack, ie smoking meat with pine/maple
  11. Consider moving some of the oh shit button abilities to non alc only with all the benefits, a 2-5 Min timer and allow a 2nd hotbar or a way to use these sometimes abilities without loosing a slot.
  12. If all mobs are dead drop in combat debuff on healing regen much faster. if mobs are still aggro/cc etc keep the same, but last kill should drop combat and allow regen much faster, this will help solo feel alot.

Thank you for reading, still subbed and supporting, want you guys to succeed, but also want to enjoy the next part of the journey past 30
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