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Multiple accounts > subscribing


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I'm a strict spender because reasons. I'm also very interested in trying another class, but with multiple activite character slots being open to subs only, it looks like a better and cheaper deal to make 2 accounts than to sub beyond 3 months.

I can understand selling character slots is a double-edged sword for reducing chances of subs, but also bumping support in a new way. I see the risk where this could call for needing more sub benefits to be more enticing, but the current system encourages me to purchase another copy of the game instead.

It would be ideal for the b2p player who won't ever sub knowing their character would be locked out during times they need to put their sub on hold.

Possible solution suggestion:
non subs:
can activate additional characters if the character slots have been purchased
can only edit character from an in-game barber for a hefty price
can create guilds for a hefty price

no restrictions on having additional characters
can edit their character appearances at any time from the main menu
a bigger shared inventory
no restrictions on having additional characters
no guild restrictions
swapping specializations starts at x% of player's level. Ideally much higher for subscribers

and when unsubbed, the player can still play, but can't earn more xp and are given the option to pay for that slot or sub to continue earning xp. Those at max level are most benefited by this and rewarded for their dedication. This way, long term subscribers are not locked out of their character they worked on for countless hours, but simply halted from earning additional xp until the slot is purchased or the subscription is reactivated.

I'm aware that I'm making suggestions that would hinder me since I'm not a subscriber, but I do believe in the formula of making features more accessible to subscribers and to encourage supporting the devs, but also to let non subscribers to enjoy the game without feeling totally out of what the game offers. Harmless hurdles such as inventory management and cosmetics would not hurt a b2p player, but would still entice them to desire the subscription benefits
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