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Embers Adrift

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Most fun ive had in a mmo in years


This is honestly the most fun I've had in a mmorpg since iv first discovered them in the early 2000's. If you're undecided about this game and unsure it's worth the risk of investment of $20. Let me tell you you won't be disappointed if you enjoy mmo that are group/community based games like EQ,FFxi. Real GEM here boy's

Sure it could use some QOL things like a bizzar that your character could go afk and sell iteams at. like a market. But hey maybe it's in the works?

I'll definitely be playing this as my new main MMO

Hope to see you in the next XP party
Same emotions is one of the best mmo i ever played. Price is too pretty 20$ for a good game it is nothing in our time games costs 50-90$.I spent many hours having fun in this game.That's the same emotion I got playing on Blazzio, there is mnay funny exclusive games !
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