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Meadow Lands Content

This zone needs some rework for solo players as it appears totally focused on groups.
The colors are really drab and too dark.
Travel is so slow, it is painful in this zone because things are spread too far apart.
Needs more interesting landmarks. The previous zone with the giant raven skull was super cool, especially when it lights up at night and the spider Forrest.
Would be nice to see more non-combat locations.
A few screenshots to make you change your mind! :D (Meadowland is my favourite zone! I love it so much!! I find it so gorgeous. I'm playing/testing this zone since 2020 and I'm still not tired of it!)

That being said, I think we all understand your point of view in the team, related to the content spread. We are limited in what we can add in term of creatures for performances reasons and the zone has already been trunked to make the population of mob denser. For that a really cool part of Meadowland had been sacrificed. So we can not do much more at this point. The zone can not be made smaller without alterating it completly, and the mob density can not be increased either. Atleast, not for now.
So while this doesn't give you satisfaction, you atleast understand the reason behind.

When it comes to POI.. I personaly LOVE the zone. So that may be a question of taste. There is a lot of really cool nook and cranies, cute hidden spots, and the vast gorgeous flower fields that totally changes colors with the seasons.

EmbersAdrift_2023. - lake view in autumn.pngMeadowlands - the island.pngMeadowlands - riverland and autumn birchtrees.pngEmbersAdrift_2023. - flower field pink.pngMeadowlands - autumn by night.pngMeadowlands - sunset and 2 poeple in a boat.png