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Hot Fix May 2nd


Stormhaven Studios
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some prop issues in Forgotten Depths, Aquifer, Northreach, Meadowlands, and Grimstone Canyon.
  • Fixed some weapon materials to work better with DLSS
  • Fixed visual hand placement issue for the Rockmender Mace
  • Focusing Battle Chant is now considered a warlord song for chat filters.
  • Fixed usage of links in chat messages where the /[channel] was specified after the message text was typed
  • Fixed Quillback Spines I not having a trigger count for expiration.
  • Fixed tooltip on Freehold door
  • Fixed some minor dialogue for Krenner
  • Fixed LODs on a number of fences
  • Fixed some incorrect material settings on a number of trees and bushes that were causing the leaves to be a bit too thin
  • Fixed a bug with title selection
  • Added: the title "High <Specialization>" will now be automatically awarded to players who reach level 50.
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